Billnet Solutions has the experience and knowledge to improve your cash flow. Let us at Billnet take the worry out of your billing process. We will help you take control of your finances, by utilizing the latest electronic submission process, we can help you receive a faster feedback on your claims. Allow us to focus on what we do best, so you can focus on your patients.

Wondering about our services?

We’ll show you just how significantly we can improve your business!


Our full service medical solutions includes

Additional Services 

Insurance Credentialing

We ensure an accurate and fast preparation of your paperwork, avoiding unnecessary delays on your application.

Outstanding AR

Billnet Solutions wants to take that weight off your shoulders! We will help you collect as much as possible from all those claims that are currently in aging. 

Collection Agency

We will refer you to one of the best collection agencies in the nation, IC Systems will help you get all the noncollectable balances in your account. 

Patient Statements

We offer one of the most efficient and safest ways to invoice your patients, when you enroll with our     e-statement plan.


Billnet Solutions is proud to offer to its clients OfficeEMR by iSalus Healthcare or MediTouch by HealthFusion, depending on your needs. These options are a State of the Art EHR software that will enhance the productivity of your practice while keeping the patient’s records just a click away on a cloud base system. 

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