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Stop Being Annoyed by Live

Do you get easily annoyed? At times, does that emotion quickly escalate to anger? You are not alone.

Beyond improvements to your general mood and happiness, taming your anger can have important benefits to your health. Constant stress and aggravation is linked to a range of issuesincluding overeating, insomnia and depression, and angry outbursts increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

However, the good news is that we can almost 'reprogram' this by techniques like breathing and particularly mindfulness meditation. Below are the 10 simple steps to give perspective to, and gain distance from, unbridled irritation and anger:

  • 10 breaths

  • Explain it to yourself

  • Walk a meter in their shoes

  • Role model grace

  • This too shall pass

  • What really matters?

  • A funny thing happened on the way

  • Seek solutions

  • Trust in time

  • Call a lifeline

There is one more step, but it's a bit dramatic and not so simple. It's an Eskimo custom of dealing with anger, as noted in Rebecca Solnit's surprisingly fascinating book on the history of walking, "Wanderlust."

Walk in one direction for as long as you are aggrieved. When the emotion finally evaporates, drop a stick on the ground and head back, creating a physical manifestation "bearing witness to the strength or length of the rage."

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