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At Billnet Solutions, we prioritize our clients' ability to focus on delivering essential medical services rather than being burdened with claims processing, accounts receivables collection, and cash flow concerns. With a steadfast commitment to patient and client confidentiality, we ensure complete protection of sensitive information.


By leveraging our services, medical office personnel experience a boost in productivity, morale, and job satisfaction due to reduced paperwork and administrative burdens. We strive for electronic claims to be paid within an average of 14 days after submission, depending on the payer, facilitating timely reimbursements.


Our fees are affordable and calculated based on a fixed percentage of net receivables, ensuring transparency and aligning our success with yours. Additionally, by outsourcing your billing needs to us, you can eliminate in-house billing expenses, as exemplified in our Cost Analysis example.


Our courteous and professional telephone assistance extends to patients and follow-ups with insurance companies, relieving your medical office staff of telephone traffic and the handling of insurance correspondence. We pride ourselves on being a stable and experienced company like Billnet Solutions, ensuring that the help you require will be consistently available both now and in the future.


Rest assured that you maintain absolute control over the financial affairs of your practice, receiving detailed monthly reports to keep you informed. Furthermore, our operations are fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, ensuring the utmost security and privacy of patient data.

What Does Your Data Mean?

When it comes to medical billing, healthcare providers have the option to choose between in-house billing or outsourcing to a specialized company like Billnet Solutions. Let's compare the two approaches:



Payment Processing


Patient Elegibilty 


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