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At Billnet, our medical billing team collaborates closely your office, ensuring optimal efficiency and top-notch customer service. We prioritize swift connections between providers and patients with inquiries and knowledgeable billing staff members who possess intimate familiarity with their specific accounts. We understand that software alone cannot handle the intricacies of billing. Healthcare providers deserve the freedom to choose the software platform that best suits their needs. Consequently, we work with a variety of popular software platforms, enabling our clients to operate on their preferred systems. We believe that providers shouldn't have to compromise between software and billing expertise. Billnet was established with a commitment to providing the most comprehensive and accurate revenue cycle services available in the industry. We tailor our services to meet each client's specific requirements, covering as much of the billing process as desired. By meticulously attending to every stage of the revenue cycle, we consistently achieve some of the highest collection rates in the country, owing to our unwavering attention to detail.

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Work alongside your practice

The following are some key features that we emphasize to our clients

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24/7 Access

Access your practice data anywhere at any time with our cloud based EHR solutions.

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Access to reports

Clients have full access allowing them to work more at ease knowing their billing is being done the right way.

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Transparent workflow

Easy access / easy to run - helpful reports to track your practice receivables.

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Dedicated Agent

Each account is assigned a billing specialist.

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Improve your productivity

We will help you improve your practice, we know our success is linked to your success.


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